Terra Create

The Terra Create is a monthly subscription box for 9-12 year olds who love to create and are inspired by the outdoors. Each month, your child will receive a box with quality arts and crafts supplies curated around a particular nature theme. For example, wood, wind, sea, etc. Each box will contain instructions, supplies, and a short learning module about the element, the cultural history of the art-form, or other interesting tidbits.

Children are naturally creative

They love exploring and are so full of energy and ideas. But a lot of kids start to lose this inclination as they progress through the elementary school years. They become more prone to peer influence, more self-critical and increasingly obsessed with media. As busy parents, we want to provide our children with the opportunities to exercise their inventiveness and get back to basics. However, your pre-teens still lack the initiative and the means to plan and prepare arts and craft projects. At the same time, they are also maturing and wanting more sophisticated crafts. So, it's on you to come up with ideas, shop, and lead the activities and often that just isn't in the cards.

That's why we created the Terra Crate


  1. Visit our Shop and choose the subscription type that works for you. We offer Single (One-time) crates, pre-paid bundles (a subscription for a 3 or 6 month period), or a regular subscription (month-to-month).
  2. Select a crate for 1 or 2 children.
  3. Choose the theme for your first box from available inventory.
  4. Checkout and pay. Shipping is $5 per month. With a pre-paid bundle, you will pay the shipping for the number of months subscribed.
  5. Your first crate ships within 5 business days
  6. Month-to-month subscriptions renew on the 1st of each month.
  7. Pre-paid and month-to-month subscriptions ship on the 15th of each month +/- 2 days.
  8. Cancel or change your subscription at any time using your online account (created during checkout).


Each crate contains an assortment of quality materials curated around a new theme each month. Themes may vary with the season, but will not include religious holidays (for example, there may be a theme about winter, but not about Christmas or Hanukkah). All crates contain instructions with photos and detailed steps, as well as a short learning module. Here's some examples of past Terra Crates.

Project: Mini Herb Garden

Summary: Children paint small metal buckets, make magnets, and plant culinary herbs in their buckets. The learning module provides a brief introduction to how herbs have been used throughout history for medicinal, cultural, and religious purposes.

Project: Dream catchers
Summary: Children create native American dream catchers and learn about why they were created.

Project: Lunar Calendar

Summary: Children create a rotating lunar calendar that helps them predict the phases of the moon by setting the date of each full moon. The learning module introduces the history of calendars and understanding of moon phases.

Project: Winter Candles

Summary: Children learn the craft of candle-making using soy wax and a variety of molds. The learning module covers the history of candles and candle materials.