Praise for Terra Create

Thrilled with my experience, by Shara
"The kit arrived perfectly assembled with everything needed to make an artistic and refined item, including great instructions ,which is so important. I would definitely try other kits from Terra Create in the adult categories. This seller knows how to appeal to the DIY’er with interesting theme kits using high quality supplies. I am thrilled with my experience."
BEAUTIFUL & worth every penny!, by LA
"I ordered a box subscription for 2 so both by children could enjoy arts and crafts together and not only was there enough supplies for both of them our entire family was able to enjoy making such beautiful dream catchers together and the materials sent were of highest quality and worth the cost. I have ordered at least two other craft boxes for the kids and canceled due to cheep supplies or lack of supplies but I plan to keep this box subscription coming as I was extremely happy with how everything was packaged and the amount and quality of supplies. Thanks for bringing our entire family together for some quality craft time. We are excited and awaiting this months box and can't wait to see what beautiful arts and crafts we get to enjoy."
Very thoughtful and engaging Art!, by Karah
"My daughters, age 8 and 5, have loved every one of their TerraCrate boxes. The 5 yr old needed some help from her sister and more supervision, but they have both spent multiple hours on each box. The candle box was shared with our 12 year old niece and was a perfect gift. The supplies are always high quality with amazing directions that my 8 year old can read and follow. She loves the independence of creating something so high quality on her own. A wonderful gift. Thank you!"
Box is beautiful, by Jenny
"TerraCrate is a great and fun subscription box.  My boys and I love to craft and create and they love the outdoors so combining both things is the perfect mix.  We loved trying new ideas and deciding which colors to use and what shapes to make and the final products are going to be some that I treasure for many years to come." [Read Full Review]
Wonderful!, by Bobbie
"The Terra Crate was a big hit with my 12-year old grand-daughter who is at that awkward age between childhood and adolescence. The spooky zen garden felt both grown-up and playful at the same time - a perfect happy medium. She loved the project, and I was impressed by the careful attention to detail, quality supplies, and pretty packaging. We look forward to future shipments!"