Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once a month, your child will receive a box full of supplies curated around a central theme and project. Everything needed to complete the project will be included in the box, along with instructions and a short learning module related to the month's theme.

Are these boxes for boys and girls?

Yes. All our projects are gender neutral. There's nothing pink and sparkly. Colors tend towards neutrals, warm earthy tones, and colors of the sea. Our boxes are teal with brown crinkle paper. There's no jewelry projects or anything that is stereo-typically girl. All that being said, you are the best judge about your child's attitude towards arts and crafts.

In general, projects can be given a more feminine or masculine touch, as decided by your child. Every project can be interpreted in different ways, and it's our hope that each child will use our instructions only as a launching point - and really make it their own.

How do I know if this box is a good fit for my child?

This box is geared towards an older child (9 - 13, or older) who loves to dabble with different materials, experiment, and create in new ways. As a younger child, they probably liked doing the typical pre-school and kindergarten craft projects that involved lots of materials like pipe-cleaners, construction paper, poster paints, googly-eyes, etc. But now they have matured and are showing more grown up tastes. Your child probably likes the outdoors and activities like hiking and camping and you may have caught them collecting rocks, shells, leaves, etc. Or maybe really noticing the colors, textures, and unique characteristics of trees, plants, and wildlife. Your child probably likes visiting art and natural science museums and aquariums.

In order to work independently, your child should have at least a 3rd grade reading level and have the motor skills to comfortably use tools such as scissors and glue, open containers, etc.

Is this an arts box or a crafts box?

It is both. Many of the projects will be functional or useful items that are also beautiful. And some projects only purpose is the beauty of looking at it. We believe that good design or craftsmanship is an art just as much a painting, drawing, or sculpture. In most cases, our projects will meet somewhere in the middle.

Will I need to be involved in these projects?

Only to a small degree. Our boxes are designed for children to be able to work independently and flex their own creative muscles. Your children are of an age when they can read pretty well and follow instructions that are not too complicated (as we've written them). Though all children vary in their skills development, so some crafts may be more challenging for your child than others. We often include some extra supplies to help with do-overs.

There may occasionally be a component that you'll want to supervise - for example, hammering a nail or teaching your child about safe use of a glue gun.

Many of our projects will appeal to all ages. So while you don't have to do anything, we think you’ll want to!

Are your materials 100% natural?

Yes, and no. Our projects will focus around natural materials like wood, paper, shells, leaves, and sand. And each box will include some of these elements. But tools and supplies may contain plastic or come in plastic bottles or plastic bags. And things like paints and glue may be synthetic. Our boxes and packing material are recyclable.

What is the cost?

The Terra Create is $27.95 + tax and $5 shipping. We also offer options for families with multiple children who wish to share a box. Currently we offer the TerraCreate +1 sibling for $37.95 at the same shipping rate.

Where and how do you ship?

At the present, we are only shipping to the United States using USPS due to International shipping rates that we feel are cost prohibitive for most families.

All boxes are shipped using USPS priority mail (2 business day). Your first box will ship within 5 business days, so you can expect it in about a week from your order date.

If you've opted for a subscription, your monthly box will ship around the 17th of each month +/- 2 days. So, you will usually see your box arrive between the 19th-22nd of the month. We ship from Felton, CA (near Santa Cruz), so time to you depends on your distance from us.

Occasionally we will alter the shipping schedule around the winter holidays, but this will be announced via email ahead of time.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel any time by logging into your account and cancelling on your own, or you can email us at info@terracreate.net. In order to receive a refund you must cancel BEFORE your box has shipped.

How do I change my address or payment information?

Simple. Just login to your account and make updates to your information or contact us at info@terracreate.net.

Something I got didn't work for me and I need a refund or exchange.

Did you receive a product that didn’t work for you? It’s important to us that you’re happy with your product. You have 5 working days from the receipt of your goods to contact us and arrange an exchange, return or refund. It’s important to contact us right away because of the unique shipping schedule of our subscription boxes. We can replace broken or damaged items, and we can refund your subscription if you’re not happy with it.

Can you put my child's name on the shipping label?

Yes. The order form asks for the Recipient's name separate from the Billing Name (yours). Just put your child's name as the Recipient.

I have more than one child. Do I have to purchase a separate box?

No, we offer an upgrade for 2 crafters. We will provide extra supplies so that there is enough for two persons. If any tools (like a glue gun or wire cutter) are provided, these will typically not be sent in duplicate. This way we can keep the costs lower for the upgrade. But you can count on extra paints, brushes, papers, and misc. supplies.

If you have more than 2 children, or they don't share well, we recommend individual boxes.