About us

What We Do

Our mission is to create unique opportunities for children to unlock learning and creativity inspired by a love of nature. We strive to nurture a child’s creative spirit, while simultaneously connecting them with the natural world.

Our first offering, the Terra Create, uses natural items like wood, shells, rocks, etc. combined with quality arts and crafts supplies to create projects that are beautiful and often functional. Our projects are open ended and leave plenty of room for imagination.The Terra Create is for the older child (9-16 years), who has outgrown crafts with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and poster paints. They desire more "grown-up" projects.

In this era of emails and texting sadly many children are missing out on the simple thrill of getting something in the mail. By providing a subscription service, we have reignited this classic experience. To open a Terra Create is to open a box of possibilities!

Our Story - maybe it's your story too

Maybe you can relate to this scenario. It's a rainy Saturday afternoon, and everyone's home. Your youngest is cranky and battling a cold, and your oldest is BORED and only wanting to play video games. You think about doing some crafts, and hop on Pinterest looking for some ideas. But every one you encounter poses a problem. The kids forgot to wash out the brushes last time, and they are all crusty. You're out of glue sticks. You don't have any yarn.

You could load up everyone in the car and trek 30 minutes across town to the nearest hobby store. But little one is sleeping now, and you know the roads will be crazy with the rain. We've done this before when the desire to create strikes. And it almost always kills the mood by the time we get back home.

So, we created the solution that we would want: a fresh project ready to go when we wanted it. No planning, no shopping, no digging through that craft cupboard that we still need to organize.

It is our deepest hope that our products remove the obstacles that keep your youngsters from creating, exploring, and learning something new.

Who we are

Sara Lorien Smith, Founder & Chief Maker

Sara is a web designer/developer, entrepreneur, blogger, lifelong crafter, and mother of two elementary aged boys, In 2009, she left a career in tech to start a freelance business when she couldn't find any good jobs that offered part-time flexible hours. She's helped numerous women entrepreneurs with marketing their passion businesses and is excited to be pursuing one of her own through Terra Create.

Hayley Brentmar, Creative Goddess

Hayley is a former elementary school teacher, home-stager, blogger, interior design consultant, and upcycling expert. She has flipped three houses with amazing results and could give any HGTV show a run for their money. A busy mom to a daughter, and twin sons, she spends her days home-schooling and pursuing many creative projects.