Simple Scrabble Magnets

July 25, 2016

Sometimes it seems like I see a lot of one particular item when I’m out making my rounds of the local thrift stores.  It’s usually something completely random, like big Barbie heads, or wooden toy cars. I love second hand shops, and the wealth of possibilities they hold!

IMG_7512On my last thrifting adventure, I noticed a lot of board games. In particular, two vintage Scrabble games caught my attention. We already have a modern Scrabble (that we use for playing the game). But, that didn’t stop me from wanting these two charming vintage versions! I instantly began to think of fun ways that I could re-purpose the old game pieces.

I decided to use the letter tiles to make magnets. This was a super simple craft that required very few materials. It was also fast and easy. These make great gifts, and they're fun for your own home too!

Supplies for this Project

  • “Jumbo” size wooden craft sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Clippers or heavy duty scissors
  • Scrabble/ letter tiles
  • Magnets

Step 1

Make some words! I tried to think of fun inspirational words, words that felt upbeat an positive. My goal was to create little happy reminders that I’d see on my refrigerator throughout the day.

You can also do things like spell out your name, or make a “dirty/ clean” sign for your dishwasher.



Step 2

Chose a craft stick. Measure the approximate length of your word (or words). The easiest way to do this is just to lay the tiles on top of the stick. Then, using your clippers or strong sheers (I just used my flower arranging clippers) trim the stick so that it will fit under your letter tiles. Children may need an adult’s help with this step.



Step 3

Apply a thin line of craft glue to your trimmed craft stick. Carefully place the letters onto the glue.

You can arrange them in a straight line, or for a whimsical look turn them slightly diagonally in a few different directions. Allow this to dry.



Step 4

On the back of the craft stick (the side without the letters) apply a medium sized dot of glue. Place a magnet into the glue. If you created a long word, or several words, you may want to use more than one magnet for strength. Allow this to dry.



IMG_7504 IMG_7508


Enjoy your creations. Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!




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