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August 21, 2016

This past May, we held a Harry Potter themed birthday for my now 8-year old son who is fanatical about this series. We had planned for a picnic at the park and to have Quidditch as the primary game for the party. We had made our own brooms out of pool noodles, colored duct tape and yarn. I figured this would be safer in the likely event that the brooms turned to light sabers or swords. If you have boys, you'll understand. Anyhow, as fate would have it, it rained a lot that day. An uncommon occurrence for May in our neck of the woods. So, I scrambled out to our local crafts store for project supplies and moved the party indoors. We made wands out of chopsticks and driftwood, and potions using these adorable little bottles I found. I'll write up these projects as it gets closer to Halloween. Despite having a dozen kids, we still had leftover supplies. My younger son has been making wands all summer. It's getting a little old. So, I decided to make something for me. I think that many of your daughters will love this project. And I can't help thinking that this would be a good way for my boys to display their Lego minfigure keychains.

Supplies for this Project

  • Small bottle with a narrow opening
  • 3 chopsticks
  • 1 piece of driftwood
  • enough sand to fill your bottle
  • yarn or decorative cord (something thicker than thread)
  • small pieces of sea glass, shells, beads, etc. (optional)
  • glue gun and glue sticks(not pictured)

Step 1

Put glue on the narrow end of 1 chopstick. Cover about 3 to 4 inches. Take the narrow end of another chopstick and stick together. Hold in place for 1 minute. DSC01528 DSC01529

Step 2

Measure the height of your bottle. Get the 3rd chopstick and measure that same height, starting from the narrow/pointy end of the stick. Mark the spot with a pencil. Put a large dot of glue in the center of the 2 chopsticks. Attach the 3rd chopstick where you made your pencil mark, making a plus or cross with the sticks. Try to keep it strait, otherwise the jewelry holder will be unbalanced. Hold for 1 minute until dry. DSC01534 DSC01533

Step 3

Cut a long piece of your cord (3-4 feet), and begin wrapping it around the center of the sticks you just glued together. Wrap diagonally about 8 times around until secure, then switch to the other diagonal. If you ever made Gods-eyes at school or camp, this part is similar. When you're done, put a small dab of glue on the back to secure the end of the string. Trim off any excess. DSC01538 DSC01539 DSC01540 DSC01541

Step 4

Put a dab of glue on the thicker end of the single chopstick. Attach your piece of driftwood, leaving at least 1/2 inch from the top. Center and straiten it, then hold until dry. DSC01543 DSC01544

Step 5

Repeat the process from Step 3. Wrap cord around the driftwood one direction, then across the other diagonal. Secure the cord with a dab of glue when you reach the end of the cord. Trim off any excess. DSC01545 DSC01546

Step 6

Fill your bottle with sand and any of the trinkets, shells, etc. you have chosen. Insert the pointy end of your cross into the bottle. You may need to tap lightly on the top of the stick with a hammer to drive the stick through the sand. If it doesn't go in easily, one of your trinkets may be blocking the path. You can dump out a little excess sand, and shake the bottle to jiggle things around, then try again. DSC01521 (Custom) DSC01522 (Custom)


Add jewelry, watches, key-chains etc. Admire your work. Great job! DSC01549 (Custom) Save Save

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